How am i supposed to know what M method does?

This document is NOT a reference to the code. For that please read the API reference.

How am i supposed to know what F field means?

This document DOES NOT explain what fields do or represent. For more information, please take a look at the tooltip associated with a particular field.

Is this documentation old?

Not at all, this is the latest version of the documentation. This means that it will be updated almost in sync with the latest version of the package. The version is indicated next to the title at the top left.

I have an older version of CCP, Am I doomed?

I always recommend to get the latest version of the asset if possible. With that said, don't worry, in general most of the concepts will remain the same. Once you understand the basics of the asset, you are good to go.

Is there an easy way to get started?

Check the "How to..." section. Consider this section as a modular "get started" guide.
Last modified 3mo ago